Florida Broker License

Broker_4e_306x398.jpg.jpgBroker License

Accurate and comprehensive broker course text that provides the entire course in one book--no supplement is needed.

A 72 Hour class that is required by the state of Florida. This course prepares you to the take the Florida state exam and covers the principles, practices & law of Florida real estate.
The requirement to obtain your broker license is to have an active sales associate license for 24 months out of the last five years, have 45 hours of sales post-licensing coursework completed and be in good standing with the state of Florida. 
You must pass the course exam with a 70% or better and the state exam with a 75% of better.
Additional costs are $115.00 paid to the state for your 2 year license application and $31.50 paid to the test vendor.
The out of state requirements are to hold an active sales associate or broker license for 24 consecutive months out of the last five years and be in good standing with your present jurisdiction.
Student must provide letter from their present state’s agency that list their license history. This must be submitted with their application for their Florida license.

Broker Pre-License (72 hrs)                                              $475

Start Date End Date Term Time
 March 23 2015  April 6 2015

 Mon - Fri

(2 weeks with exam on Mon April 6 2015) 

 8:00 am - 3:00 pm


To register for this class, please click on the register now button below. You will be taken to PayPal, a secure website payment processing site where you can pay with a credit card or use your PayPal account if you currently have one. 

If you prefer, you can contact the school at 772-323-2011 and register by phone.



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