Sales Associate Post-License 45 Hrs

Don’t Lose Your License!

The State of Florida requires newly licensed real estate sales associates to take a 45-hour course prior to their first renewal. This course can be completed online or in the classroom. Both classroom and online courses do require the student to take a final exam and get a 75% or better score to receive a completion certificate.

Not all real estate brokers train their licensees the same, which is why Florida requires all newly licensed agents to complete this course. If a licensee has a four-year degree in real estate, then this course is not required by the state.



Course Overview

Section 1 

Laying The Foundation For A Successful Career

Updates the licensee on the important laws that regulate the licensee’s daily activities. A unit on business planning helps the new licensee get organized.

Unit 1: Legal Issues and Risk Management

Unit 2: Fair Housing and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Unit 3: Business Planning and Time Management

Section 2

Obtaining Listings That Sell

Focuses on building a strong listing portfolio, including prospecting, pricing the property, making the listing presentation, and getting the listing agreement signed.

Unit 4: Prospecting for Listings

Unit 5: Pricing the Property to Sell Unit

6: Making the Listing Presentation Unit

7: Listing Contracts

Section 3

Selling Real Property

Describes how to work with buyers, from the initial contact with a buyer to analyses of the buyer’s needs and ability to purchase to showing the property. A section on sales and option contracts is included, as well as information on writing and presenting the offer.

Unit 8: Working With Buyers

Unit 9: Sales And Option Contracts

Unit 10: Writing And Presenting The Offer

Section 4

Financing and Closing Real Estate Transactions

Concentrates on obtaining financing and closing the sale. The coverage starts with an evaluation of current lending practices and programs, and it continues with a step-by-step discussion of how a loan is processed after a contract is written. Another unit gives the new practitioner a step-by-step guide to getting the contract to closing. The responsibilities of each cooperating sales associate are covered in detail. The section ends with coverage of how to close a transaction.

Unit 11: Exploring Mortgage Alternatives

Unit 12: Acquiring Financing for the Property

Unit 13: Closing Real Estate Transactions

Section 5

Analyzing and Managing Investment Property

Describes economic principles and the processes used to analyze real estate investments. The section also describes the important field of property management.

Unit 14: Analyzing and Managing Investment Property