Sales Associate Pre-License

Completion of this 63 hour course is required by the state prior to students taking the Real Estate License exam. The class prepares students to the take the state exam and covers the principles, practices & law of Florida real estate. This comprehensive volume offers updates to Florida legislative changes, agency law, mortgage and tax rates, and more. This best-selling pre-license text effectively combines the latest information on Florida real estate laws and practices for prospective sales associates. This text covers the topics required by the Florida Real Estate Commission for this course. Topics include Agency/Brokerage, License Law, Ethics, Property Rights, Contracts, Real Estate Finance, Mortgages, Closing, Real Estate Investment, and Taxes. Includes 19 units, a practice final exam, glossary, and index. Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law is written by seasoned real estate practitioners and educators, with the needs of instructors and students in mind. Updated annually to reflect the latest legislative changes, including changes to agency law, this text provides the most current information available.


  • This edition conforms to the new FREC Course I Syllabus.
  • New practice questions set in shaded boxes follow key concepts to reinforce understanding.
  • The complete Answer Key convers all practice questions, the unit exams, and the practice exam.
  • Examples of actual disciplinary cases are used to explain various legal terms and rule violations.
  • An activity and text explain the new Closing Disclosure form.
  • Every rule, Florida statute, and federal regulation covered on the state license exam is cross-referenced to assist with exam preparation.
  • This textbook provides excellent review material for broker exam candies studying for the Florida broker license exam as well.

Included in $325 Price:

  • Course Text Book or eBook- your choice
  • End of Course Exam
  • Live classroom instructor
  • Access to Student Only Supplemental Course Materials and Study Guides
  • Sit into any future Sales Associate Pre-License Courses for One Year

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ID Course Name Duration Start Date
9234 Sales Associate Prelicense 9234 3 Weekends Friday Night 6pm-10pm and Sat/Sun 8am-5pm Test on 9/24/18 September 7, 2018
9235 Sales Associate Pre-License 9235 2 Weeks Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm September 10, 2018
9236 Sales Associate Prelicense 9236 3 Weeks Night Class Monday - Friday Night 6pm-10pm Test on 10/29/18 October 8, 2018
9237 Sales Associate Pre-License 9237 1 Week Monday - Sunday 8am-6pm Ends on 10/21/18 October 15, 2018
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